Beertime app
  • Invite your friends to your favourite pubs with Beertime App
App includes
  • Friends list
  • List of favourite places
  • Allows you to send messages and invitations
  • Allows you to check new events
  • Allows you to change your status
  • Allows you to add new places
  • Allows you to change user settings
  • Allows you to modify user profile
  • Please feel free to share your thoughts, complaints and questions about Beertime app at
  • Taphold on 'save' button

    When new invitation is received you can taphold on 'save' button instead of just tapping in. This will save the invitation while attending to it.

  • Why am I not receiving any notifications on my device?

    Beertime app has to be running in background in order to be able to receive notifications. In addition Beertime only sends notifications to one device per user (device from which you logged in or just opened app the last time).

  • My invitation suddenly disappeared.

    All invitations are deleted the day 'invitation date' has passed as well as all chat messages related to this invitation.

  • Can I add more friends to invitation?

    Only user who sent the invitation is able to add more friends.

  • Why are some of user names displayed in blue text in the invitation?

    If user name is displayed in blue text than user confirmed his attendance to the event.

  • Why does bold text appear in invitations?

    Bold text appears when message is automatically generated. This occurs when user attends to invitation or when invitation is edited.

  • Why is Beertime Header in menu blue sometimes?

    This means some of your friends has just changed status.

  • My chat conversation disappeared.

    Chat messages older than three days are deleted.